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Travel the World Like Never Before, Even With Disabilities

Unleash the traveler in you with our unique travel experiences catered specifically for those with disabilities.
Your accessible travel dreams are our priority. Book with a Certified Accessible Travel Advocate for personalized and stress-free planning.

Accessible Travel is My Passion

Hi there, my name is Cynthia and I think that freedom to explore this beautiful world is a basic human right. Travel agents arrange packages but at Phoenix Rising Travel Services, Inc. , I plan trips for disabled and Sickle Cell individuals, family, friends or caregivers. 

I like knowing what kind of place you imagine, and I’ll arrange everything so that you feel safe and comfortable during your trip while having fun. Let me take the ownership of finding the most accessible options and the rest of the planning off your plate so you can concentrate on capturing the memories.

But understand this, we at Phoenix Rising Travel Services, Inc. appreciate that every traveler is of a different kind. We are proud of offering you individualized transport services, comfortable cars, and provide you with an amazing trip.

Your accessible travel dreams are our priority. Book with a Certified Accessible Travel Advocate for personalized and stress-free planning.

Hear from Our Happy Travelers

“Cynthia is an amazing woman. She reaches out to help the disabled to travel. Her company supplies wheelchairs and other things to make travel accessible. She also reinvests a portion of her commissions into the community.”
Michael Lien
"Cynthia is a heart-led true professional who cares about her clientele. She wants to make their lives easier and more fulfilling through her travel agency. Highly recommend!"
Nikki Gianni
"I had the pleasure of speaking with Cynthia several times and learning about her business. She is very professional and sweet! I love her unique vison for her business! I highly recommend her for your travel needs. In a worries that's her specialty! "
Amber Culver
"We need more people like Cynthia. The love and passion she has for the work God has called her to do for those who are challenged with disabilities is outstanding. You can tell by talking with her that she has an amazing heart and her ministry comes from her own personal experience. "
Susan Tyrrell

Tailored Travel Experiences for Every Need


Our expertise includes:

  • 🚲 Curated Accommodations: Our vacation accommodations are specially selected, with hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals where ramps, showers for wheelchairs, bars, and other visually accessible services are provided.

  • ✈️ Seamless Transportation:

    We work with air and cruise line vendors and ground transportation companies who are eager to provide qualified services. As the Golden Ticket program suggests, priority boarding and, if necessary, Wheelchair-Accessible Transport will be provided.

  • 🦽 Bounty Adventures: We offer thrilling events and tours for everyone in our group. Get and participate in guided streams, arts experiences, and nature travels inclusive of persons with disabilities.

  • 📍 Personalized Itineraries: Fulfillment on your terms. All of our travel programs are specifically developed through collaborative effort in cooperation with you to represent the interest, passion and disability accommodation you may need. Please do not worry, even the minutest aspect is arranged to the finest detail so that your event is as fun as it is choreographed.

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